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Velux Servicing & Maintenance

We offer Velux Repairs and servicing for your roof windows and Velux windows. As with all things in life, if your Velux windows are not maintained properly then you will, in time experience problems with them. Here at Velux Repairs we can take the headache out of this for you with our Servicing and Maintenance team who work tirelessly to make sure your Velux windows or roof windows open and close properly, so they can do the job that they are designed to do without problem. We will provide a service free of charge with all Velux Glass replacements as standard.

Keeping Velux Windows in tip-top condition

On-going maintenance of the wood on your Velux Roof Window is essential in order to ensure a long service life. Velux windows are completely treated at the factory when they are made, so they can be cleaned with water and soap from the buyer. The wood should be treated at least every four years and otherwise according to the set requirements. Velux Repairs can offer you a service to rub down your existing flaking or cracking treated wood and give a treatment to protect your wood and breathe new life into your Velux windows.

Our Velux service includes:

  • Opening Jammed or Stuck Velux Windows
  • Lubricating of hinges and mechanisms
  • Ventilation filter replacement
  • Replacement Glass
  • New seals
  • Timber Treatment
  • External cleaning of flashing kit

Free Quotes for Velux Maintenance

Roof Window Repairs are on hand to help its customers with any questions they may have regarding the servicing and repairs of their Velux windows. Please feel free to call us Free on 0800 009 4201 or fill in our contact form and a member of our team will call you back.

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