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Velux Window Installation

Roof Window Repairs offer a Nationwide installation of Velux roof windows. Many houses have bathrooms, hallways, lofts and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door. Dim, un-ventilated and dark, these rooms are unwelcoming places until you turn on the light. Roof Window Repairs are specialists installers and can advise you on the installation of a Velux roof window to your property.

We Can Install Velux Windows Into :

  • Converted loft rooms
  • Extensions
  • Barns and outbuildings
  • Unconverted loft spaces
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Bedrooms

Disruption Free Installation

The majority of our installations require no scaffolding, providing you have a traditional roof covering then we will be able to install a velux in your home. From order we can usually install within 5-10 working days.

Velux Window Quotations

Roof Window Repairs are able to provide you with a quotation to include full installation of Velux window and flashing kit, all internal making good work if required. Internally if you have a flat ceiling with a pitched roof above it, we are able to give you a quote to create a light shaft bringing the light down from the roof into the room below, this is done either with a Velux window or a fantastic product from Velux called a sun tunnel.

Velux Sun Tunnels

We now offer installation of the new Velux sun tunnels, the Velux sun tunnel signals the end of dim and dismal spaces in the home. Velux Sun Tunnel brings natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces through a specially designed tunnel from roof to ceiling.

Five Star Velux Approved Installers

We are part of the Velux Installer Partnership. With our 5 star rating, this ensures we are regulated to repair and install Velux products from Velux themselves, giving you have total piece of mind. If our standards do not reach yours, you can contact Velux directly to resolve any issues you may have. However we would like to add this has not happened to date and we guarantee you will have total job satisfaction on all the services provided by Springfield Developments

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